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Government of Dubai consists of many entities, that are classified into various sectors which are Government Services Sector, Security and Justice Sector, Economic Development Sector, Social Development Sector, Infrastructure and Aviation Sector and Healthcare Sector.

Below is the break-up of service fees across each sector.

Government Services

Security and Justice

Economic Development

Social Development

Infrastructure and Aviation

Health and Safety

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Sectors and their Government Entities

Select a sector to view the entities and the number of associated service fee lines on that sector. Each sector includes serveral government entities.

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Pricing Types across Sectors

Government services are classified according to five main types of pricing. The below visualizations depict the number of pricing types across each sector. Select a sector to view the type of pricing on that sector.

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Pricing Types and Revenue Types across Entities

Government entities generate revenues across various activities and services. These types of revenues can include sales of goods, services, fines, rentals or other types of revenues. Select two or more government entities from the visualization below. Then select the pricing type, revenue type from the legend of the chart to view more details.

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Comparison of government services prices by unit of measure

The government services prices vary and the measurement unit associated with them varies. To make a comparison, select the unit of measure to display the number of related services. For further analysis, use the graph in the next section below.

Comparison of Services Prices across Government Entities

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