Health And Safety

This sector is concerned with the health and public health-related issues, and the provision of health care and public health and safety issues like occupational safety in addition to public safety requirements in public places. Examples of government entities that fall under this sector: Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Municipality.

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Government Entities

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Government Prices Breakdown

The service fees are divided into five types across various sectors: taxes, fees, fines, charges and tariffs.


A mandatory amount paid by the individual as a contribution in shouldering the burden of the costs of public services without being offset by a specific benefit.


Amount paid by an individual in exchange for a special benefit the he gets from one of the government entities, and this special benefit results to a greater benefit for the community


A mandatory amount paid by the violator for violating enforced legislations in the emirate of Dubai


Price set by the government for the goods and services provided based on competitive economic fundamentals through investing in projects in the field of trade, industry, agriculture, health services and sometimes educational and other activities that the private sector competes in serving.


Type of charges, but is used in pricing the economical services which the government provides exclusively or grants the exclusive rights to other parties in the form of concession agreement.

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Revenue Types

Government entities generate revenue across various activities and services. These revenues include revenues from public services or sales of goods and services, or even tax revenues, or other types of revenues, as shown in the below charts.

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